GB WhatsApp Pro Download

GB WhatsApp Pro Download

We all use the internet for different purposes as it changed the entire world and makes communication very easy. Moreover, multiple apps are available for sending text messages, but in this article, we will tell you about the most famous instant messaging application, WhatsApp. More than 1 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp daily to send messages. It also has media-sharing features but still needs some. Therefore, the moded APKs are famous as they offer more features than standard WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp Pro Download Apk Latest Version


GB Whatsapp Download


What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

Many people want to use two WhatsApp accounts and download third-party cloning applications for this. However, such third-party apps are less trustworthy and take much storage, causing your mobile to slow down. Conversely, GB WhatsApp Pro is an unofficial application you can download to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. You do not need to download any third-party cloning application because GB WhatsApp Pro allows users to use two accounts at once without restriction. In addition, It also provides many amazing features and does not consume much mobile storage like those third-party cloning applications. In the GB WhatsApp Pro, you can change the chat themes, hide read receipts and much more. Let's explore the awesome features of GB WhatsApp Pro.

Top Features of GB WhatsApp Pro:

Many Themes:

GB WhatsApp Pro features a built-in theme library from where you can download your desired theme to change the application layout. It is the most incredible feature of GB WhatsApp Pro that you can use to beautify your WhatsApp interface. Additionally, the developer constantly adds new themes so users can customize the app layout to make it cooler.

Multiple Privacy Options:

GB WhatsApp Pro contains multiple privacy options you will not get in the standard WhatsApp. You can use these privacy options for hiding blue ticks, online status, typing status, double ticks and more. In addition, you can also hide the story view using these privacy settings.

Built-in App Lock:

It is another amazing feature that allows you to lock the application. You can set any lock, such as PIN, Pattern, Fingerprint or Password, to open the application or access the message. This feature adds a security layer that keeps your chats secure from everybody. You can also modify the App lock settings to show or hide a password or PIN as your preference.

Send Direct Messages:

You can send messages to any number without saving it in your contacts using GB WhatsApp Pro. If the other number is registered with WhatsApp, it will receive your message. It is a convenient way to send messages if you want to save only a few numbers in your contacts.

Schedule Message:

Suppose you forget to send important messages and need to use other applications to set reminders. GB WhatsApp Pro has a solution and provides a scheduled message feature. You can schedule messages with specific dates and times, which will be sent automatically at the time or date you have set.

Anti-Delete Messages:

By using GB WhatsApp Pro, you can see the deleted messages in the chats. Using this feature, you can save your conversations and other important messages. The deleted message will remain visible until you did not delete it from your side.

Download Status:

There is no need to download any third-party application to download the WhatsApp status of your friends. GB WhatsApp Pro has an in-app status downloader that you can utilize to download the status of your contacts without letting them know.

Additional Features of GB WhatsApp Pro:

Share All Kinds of Media:

You can share different media, such as images, documents, videos, or GIFs, using WhatsApp. However, there is a specific limit in the standard WhatsApp for sharing media files. In GB WhatsApp Pro, this limit has increased, and you can send a media file up to 700MB. You can send long videos or other big files without any issue using it.

Share images with Full Resolution:

WhatsApp reduces the picture resolution while sending it, so you have to use other apps to send high-resolution pictures. But GB WhatsApp Pro allows users to share full-resolution photos without dropping their pixel quality. You can share HD images faster due to this awesome feature.

Privacy Options for Calls:

You can restrict calls to several numbers using this feature of GB WhatsApp Pro. There are various privacy options for calls available that users can use to block different numbers for receiving calls from them.

Pin More Chats:

Basic WhatsApp allows only three chats to pin, but using GB WhatsApp Pro, you can pin up to 1000 chats without having any problem.

Unlimited Forward Chats:

You can only forward a message to five contacts in the basic WhatsApp. However, there is no limit for forwarding messages in the GB WhatsApp Pro. You can forward a message to all the contacts at once.

Download GB WhatsApp Pro on Android Devices:

You can not download GB WhatsApp Pro from the Google Play store. To download it, you must navigate to the box below.

Steps to Download and Install GB WhatsApp Pro on Android:

You can only install the GB WhatsApp Pro on your mobile if it runs Android version 4.0.3 Jellybean or higher. After downloading, you can follow the steps below to install GB WhatsApp Pro.

Step 1:

Go to your smartphone settings and tap on security options.

Step 2:

Once you are in the security options, navigate to the Unknown sources. Click on it to enable installing the applications from unknown sources.

You can find this option in some mobiles under Additional Settings or Privacy.

Step 3:

Once you have enabled the Unknown sources, download the GB WhatsApp Pro by clicking the download button.

Step 4:

Once the download is completed, tap the downloaded file to open it. Then click the Next button, and you will see some warnings you can safely ignore. Keep tapping the next button until the install button appears.

Step 5:

Tap the install button and wait until the installation process is completed.

Step 6:

After installing it, tap its icon to open it to register your second WhatsApp account. Registering the phone number with GB WhatsApp Pro is the same as basic WhatsApp. You need to enter your mobile number, and by tapping on the submit button, you will get a code through a message for verification.

Step 7:

Enter the received verification code to verify your mobile number and add your profile image or name, and it's all done. Once you have verified your number and created your profile, you can use GB WhatsApp Pro with all its features.

Important Note:

Ensure you follow all the steps above to download or install GB WhatsApp Pro without inconvenience. It is free to download GB WhatsApp Pro, but you can only install it on Android devices.

Final Words:

GB WhatsApp Pro has many additional features you will never find in the basic WhatsApp application. You can send messages by hiding your last seen or can view other people's status without letting them know. In addition, you can also customize font styles and much more in GB WhatsApp Pro. It features a huge theme library and advanced privacy settings. You can download GB WhatsApp by following the steps above and enjoy a customized messaging experience.


1 Can I use the GB WhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp on a single mobile?
You can use GB WhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp on a single smartphone.
2 Is it safe to download the GB WhatsApp Pro?
Yes, it is 100% safe to download the GB WhatsApp Pro.
3 Can I register a second WhatsApp account using the same phone number?
You can not use the same number to register a second WhatsApp account.
4 Can I clone GB WhatsApp Pro using a cloning application like Parallel Space?
You can clone GB WhatsApp Pro using the Parallel space cloning application.
5 Can I download the GB WhatsApp Pro on iOS?
No, you can not download GB WhatsApp Pro on iOS.
6 How can I Change themes in the GB WhatsApp Pro?
You can change the themes in GB WhatsApp Pro by going to the settings. After going to the settings, Navigate to downloads and select the themes option to select a theme. Once you have selected a new theme, tap on Apply to change the current theme with a new one.
7 What makes GB WhatsApp Pro different from other apps like GB WhatsApp?
GB WhatsApp Pro has a simple interface with more themes and additional privacy settings, making it different from other apps.